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Promoting, after the events of November 13, life in Paris, the life of Paris, to show young Europeans that despite the wounds, our capital will not lose its soul. You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea. Jury prize at Paris Sup de Pub.

Woodkid – Run Boy Run

The video of Woodkid seeing a child running has inspired us to reproduce a movement scene expressing dynamism and energy. The film of the child filmed in front is reproduced in our film. The scene of buildings is interesting to express an idea of greatness and freedom.

Experience – Ludovico Einaudi

The scene of happiness in this movie has given us rare thrills. It is characterized by a blur. We decided to use this technique to share chills of the same type.

Uncensored Official Director’s Cut – Dior

In this ad, the scenes where both models run and plunge into the pool are for us the most interesting to bring a personification to the film while expressing strong emotions.

LA NUIT DE Pierre Niney – Yves Saint Laurent

The way the night is shared by Pierre Niney is captivating.
This has been a source of inspiration for us.

Théo Gosselin – Photographer

The photographer Théo Gosselin helped us to define the atmosphere of colors to express happiness.
The different photos have vivid and dynamic colors.

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

Paolo Nutini used the speech of Charlie Chaplin’s film The Dictator to accompany his song.

The Kooples – A BRAVE NEW LOVE

Aesthetic scenes are present in this advertisement. Love, fire and rock. The youth!


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A little about me.

I’m working in advertising.

My openness and my balance capabilities are assets equally to teamwork. I appreciate that for negotiation. On the lookout for new trends and have a taste for communication from the new technologies, we recognize me strong reactivity and relevance to issues that arise in order to find solutions marked by pragmatism and consistent with sound management.

I’m bilingual so it allows me to greatly open my field of investigation in the fields of communication and advertising that fascinate me.

My skills  & abilities.

During my career, I could learn and gain tools to give me the opportunity to express what I have in my head.

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    Creative Suite - Adobe
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    HTML5 + CSS3
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    Microsoft Office
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    Fusion 360

My  Educations.

[2017 -2018]

Master 2 Direction Artistique et Design Digital

Sup de Pub Paris

[2016 -2017]

Master 1 Digital Marketing and Social Media

INSEEC San Francisco

[2015 - 2016]

Bachelor Marketing

Sup de Pub Paris

Gagnant et finaliste sur deux compétitions

[2014 - 2015]

DUT Tech. de Commercialisation

IUT de Vannes

Validation 2ème année

[2013 - 2014]

Diplôme Cambridge English Certificate

University of New York


DUT Tech. de Commercialisation

IUT de Vannes

Validation 1ère année

My  Jobs.

[Octobre 2017 - Octobre 2018]

CM Junior

Social & Stories, Paris

[Février - Août 2017]

Chef de Projet Digital

WITH, Paris

– Aide à la création et la mise en place de campagnes digitales.
– Community Manager pour evian (élaboration de plannings éditoriaux reporting…)
– Assistant chef de projet digital pour le client H4H et AIT.
– Veilles des tendances digitales.

[Mai - Juin 2016]

Assistant Marketing Mobile Media

MOWO, Paris

Apporter des solutions sur le mobile avec les plus grands annonceurs. Missions fondamentalement opérationnelles :
– Analyse des campagnes publicitaires sur les réseaux sociaux.
– Etude d’Instabrand en tant qu’acteur dans les influenceurs.
– Conception des dispositifs média sur mobile à l’international.
– Analyse des annonceurs comme Kering

[Avril - Juin 2015]

International Account Manager’s assistant (Event service)

Global Management Services, Chicago

Elaboration de recommandation clients, réalisation des supports pour les invitations, coordination logistique prestataire, relation B to B pour des propositions de diverses activités aux clients, répondre aux briefs des clients, création de prints de bienvenue et de menus


S.M.E.G., Hennebont 56

[Janv - Fev. 2013]


Cloane Square, Vannes 56

Vendeur prêt à porter



EURL Producteur Bio, Kerérec 29

[Janv. 2007]


Crédit Agricole, Vannes 56

Elaboration de flyers publicitaires, participation à la rédaction du rapport annuel d’activité de l’année écoulée (notamment par le choix des clichés illustratifs des métiers des clients), participation à la réalisation d’un film montrant les activités de la banque.

Language is not a barrier.

  • 0%
    English C1 level
  • 0%
    Spanish B1 level

Challenge is part of my life

  • 10 years of competitive skiing (flèche de vermeil, chamoix d’argent).
  • 5 years of monofin (French championship).
  • Tennis (5 years, 15-5).
  • Basketball (3 years, regional)

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

Stays abroad: USA (6 times), study abroad in the UK, Malta, Spain, the Netherlands.